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Cowboy Boots and their amazing Story   -   From the very Beginning until Today

Cowboy Boots - Story

The Story of Sendra Cowboy Boots - one of the most famous producers ever

Sendra now occupies a place on the world’s finest catwalks, shop windows, and in its foremost magazines like Elle, Vogue, In Style, Glamour, GQ and Cosmopolitan. Sendra has become the icon of a fashion which refuses to die.

We have to go back nearly a hundred years and four generations to get to the very beginning of the successful business Andrés Sendra founded already in 1913. It was this year the leather tanner's son from Spain returned from an enthusiastic trip to the U.S. Here he tried and used, experienced and learned about the legendary Cowboys and their fantastic Boots. We can see the result of this trip today. Sendra Boots in Almansa, Albacete, in Spain is today one of the world's leading and largest manufacturers of quality Cowboy Boots – both for noble and practical use. Sendra also started using the new Goodyear technology on a very early stage in their production.

Up to 1962 Sendra had more than enough to meet the huge demand for cowboy boots in the domestic market, but now the time was come for further international expansion and marketing. The big challenge was to step onto American territory and challenge the U.S. market to see if they had the same great opportunities and success as in Spain with their unique quality products.

After the greatest success in the U.S. market on cowboy boots in 1965, Sendra started expanding his commercial business on his own Continent as well. From 1958 Sendra even started to become more and more professional in marketing and Sendra puts up enormous goals starting creating and producing a wide range of different quality Boots. Yes, something for anyone’s taste. Thus Sendra began his race into the world centre of fashion and fads.

In 1988 they launched a completely new line of boots, side by side their now world-famous Cowboy Boots. It was a further development of the Biker Line. The Motero Style is being launched for the "asphalt cowboys" in black leather with straps and rings around the ankle also named harness.

Another new collection in the Family of Sendra Boots occurs in 1994. The merger between the classic Cowboy Boots and tendentious Fashion Boots, makes Sendra recreating the magical story and brings it forward far into the future for the coming generations.

In 1995 Sendra has become a very large international group. Their huge production volume is forcing them to move their headquarters into the industrial area of Almanasa. New and modern technology, production equipments, quality assurance and management, together with the unique knowledge and artistic craftsmanship, contributes to new increases in production, customer satisfaction and good service.

Using the quality management system ISO 9000, you can be sure that all the 250 production operations will be correctly done. Sendra is one of the most unique brands, always to be seen on the Catwalk, either with their own products or as a subcontractor of footwear for other fashion houses worldwide. But please mind - not to the many fashion houses having their very own range of cowboy boots, such as Dolce & Gabana, Gant, Marlboro, Diesel, Levi's, etc, etc. When you’re buying yourself a new pair of Sendra, please remember much of the production is hand crafts. Therefore, carvings, embroidery and patterns will be unique to just the pair you’re buying.

Good luck with your new Sendra Boots!

Here are a few samples of their crafts:

Sendra 10619 Sendra USA Stars´n´Stripes