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What about Norway and Cowboy Boots?

Oh yes, we want, we really want, but we’re struggling really hard uphill to . . .

Norwegians are very clever dealing with oil, shipping and fishing, but our neighbors the Swedes are squeezing us completely when it comes to fashion.

Source: Økonomisk Rapport nr. 17 2006

  • The Norwegian fashion industry ranks hardly his Swedish brother up to his knees. And it can even get worse. Paul Vassbotn, the head of the Oslo Fashion Week, is threatening to close down the only meeting place for fashion in Oslo Norway.
  • The number of Norwegian exhibitors at the fashion week in Oslo was 0 - NULL - ZERO, while it was about 1000 Swedish exhibitors in Stockholm. And the market value of companies engaged to the manufacturing of shoes and clothing are only 223 million NOK in Oslo, while Stockholm do have 220 000 million SEK.

In addition, the Swedes do dear to show themselves off in what’s IN or fashion at any time - for example, Cowboy Boots.

  • Danish Annette Spangaard which operates the House of Communication, a Nordic PR agency within fashion, thinks that Norwegian design and the way the Norwegians are dressing, appears to be a bit too rustic (farmer like). Norwegian designers and shops are too preoccupied within Norwegian domestic materials, techniques, and they’re very often far away from international trends. When Norwegian fashion magazines are calling asking about photos illustrating what's IN right now, we usually have to pick something from the Swedes, the Danes or the international fashion houses.
  • Royalties very often dresses in fashion and deign from their own country's couturiers and fashion designers. Just look at the Swedish and Danish royal families. The Norwegian royal family, however, must travel abroad to buy clothes and footwear to be representable.

Hereby, I allow me to "throw the gauntlet" to challenge the Norwegian fashion houses, designers and fashion experts. Now even Norway has to start daring as well, and we also have to stop “looking down” on what’s allowed to be wearing internationally and what’s fashion in all other countries.

  • Yes, it turns out consistently that everyone else dares where the Norwegians do fall short, but Norway is and will probably always be “the different” country. It's really odd that Cowboy Boots are reputable, accepted and high fashion in most other countries, among both sexes, in all ages and in every occasion – but not in Norway. We don’t need to go further than to Sweden or Denmark, where they’re sold everywhere and being used all the time. Not to mention the United States where even the presidents are using cowboy boots as a symbol of freedom and independence.

I'm very tempted to say:

Hello Norway, wake up - Welcome to Fashion as in 2016

What Norway has in common with America? They fail to distinguish one's character (read actor) from the real person. If they have added an actor to hatred, they hate everything about that person. This happened with Svein Krogstad and his Cowboy Boots in the Norwegian TV series Hotel Caesar. After this cowboy boots has become something you'd rather not show themselves with. But are cowboy boots really something to be ashamed of?

Not at all if you ask me; and finally they’re on their way back into fashion again, even in Norway, especially if you’re a kind of international, rich and famous We have to rely on the younger generations, who really dare, both using them and preserving a historical treasure, not only the Norwegian Sweaters.

Many international brands and famous fashion houses are profiling Cowboy Boots internationally, even Swedish ones. The Swedish owned GANT (a brand we’re most familiar with) are selling their clothes as part of a slightly upscale lifestyle - but still having cowboy boots in their range. Another very large multinational corporation is Marlboro having their very own range of cowboy boots as well. Other fashion houses, not having their own range of cowboy boots, will most likely use the Spanish brand Sendra on the catwalk presenting their collections. Sendra is now one of the most respected and best quality boots.

Anyway - On this website you‘ll find the unique story behind the legendary Cowboy Boots - a very interesting and exciting story about why they look as they do; the development and how they’ve changed in time and fashion. You can also find good advice on care and maintenance of real genuine cowboy boots and regular shoes as well, for those who needs.

Yes, we have to rely on the coming generations. Let’s hope they’ll make sure the legend of the cowboy and his boots (the result of boot-clad men worldwide) will be preserved eternally - even in Norway.

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